Archangel Gabriel Mission is a community of the Diocese of the South, Orthodox Church in America. 

Archangel Gabriel Mission is a diverse community encompassing people from various cultural and former religious backgrounds.  Our services follow the pattern of the Russian Orthodox Church, and are celebrated in English.  Greeters are available to answer questions and provide outlines of services to visitors.

Classes are offered throughout the year for those interested in knowing more about the Orthodox Christian Faith. 

Worship is the heart of any Orthodox community.  Within the prayers of the Church, scripture, theology and liturgical art come fully alive for the faithful, and are revealed in all their depth. Orthodox Christians in America are fond of repeating the words of the Apostle Philip to Nathanael , “Come and See,” to any person wanting to know more about Orthodox Christianity.  For it is only by experiencing the liturgical services that Orthodox Christianity can be appreciated fully.

In addition, our typical yearly schedule includes special seasons of liturgical celebration and fasting surrounding major religious feasts; as well as parish social activities; Pan Orthodox functions with other Orthodox communities in the DFW area; retreats; two major outreach/fund raising events in the spring and fall; and charitable efforts.

More information may be obtained through this website, by emailing the Church or by calling (817) 752-4822.  We look forward to seeing you.